Monday, May 26, 2008

Sorry, Eight Belles

When Ken has posted a few tidbits in the last month and I haven't, we know I have a problem. Mostly I spend so much time typing at work that by the time I get home, looking at another computer screen makes me physically ill. But, no matter and no excuses.

My month has been an excellent one. Ken and I were fortunate enough to traipse down to Kentucky for the weekend with Zack and Krystal to cheer on some ponies. We learned many life lessons along the way, including never to allow three men to eat full racks of ribs before continuing a long drive and to never ever allow Zack to lock the windows. Sitting in the pits with the commoners was an experience to be remembered. We had lovely weather and plenty of entertainment throughout the day. And somehow or another, I managed to kill a horse. From now on, I use my mind powers only for good.

The rest of the time has been spent arranging long walks with my co-workers or walking around the park myself for a good 10 miles on the weekends. Walking is mind-numbingly boring, which has been the biggest challenge. The physical aspect hasn't been too rough, but the iPod can only get you so far before you want to run your head into a tree on lap #7. The walk itself is this weekend and we're prepared. We all raised our money with no problems and no need to sell candy bars on the train to make money. Spending time with the ladies has been the best part, as they are full of stories and advice. The walk is this weekend and we're as ready as we'll ever be. We are hoping for beautiful weather and plan on walking as long as we can. I'm not sure I will be completing the full 26 on Day 1 or not. It will be a game day decision. We have t-shirts with the photos of those who have either passed on from breast cancer or who are currently fighting it. My co-workers didn't want to camp out on Saturday night, so we are staying at a bed and breakfast on Saturday night and enjoying a nice dinner and a hot shower. At first I was a bit disappointed with the no-camping aspect, but thinking about it now, I'm glad we made that decision.

Ken and I have attended one concert so far this year, the Avett Brothers, who I'm now a fan of and are heading to St. Louis next month for a Tom Waits concert before, as Ken says, "He smokes himself to death."

Work is going along as work usually does. We've been a bit slower now because not so many people want to go to Europe this summer thanks to the euro and we have some time before the whole Asia, South America, Oceania travel kicks in again. I've made friends with two of my co-workers who are on my same pay scale and we've made our days more entertaining with some effort.

Guess that's it from my part of the world...