Thursday, December 18, 2008

Long Overdue

It's been awhile! I finally uploaded a few photos from the Fall/Winter. (The poor Mac is still out of commission.)

I went to Vegas with Amy last weekend and we had a great time in Sin City. We took some time to lose $15 in the slots, ate sushi at an Okinawan-owned restaurant, previewed a pilot TV show, checked out the lions of the MGM Grand at our hotel, and walked until our legs and feet were screaming in protest. Vegas had a dust storm one of the days and on the day we left, there was a threat of unprecedented snow. All in all, it was nice to finally witness Nevada for the first time. If I go back, I want to stay at the Paris Hotel with its crepes and pastries and good coffee!

Work has been incredibly busy thanks to all the students getting ready to leave in February and parents realizing that they have to pay for it all.

Hope you all are doing well!