Sunday, January 29, 2012

ATK: Blueberry Muffins

DVR has brought me a new obsession. Episodes of America's Test Kitchen occupy my weekend afternoons and fill my head with recipes and ideas. One of the recent shows highlighted brunch items, including some absolutely delicious looking blueberry muffins. Unfortunately, I happen to live with a certain boyfriend who is allergic to berries. It's almost borderline tragic, really.

However, after receiving my Cook's Illustrated cookbook with an obscene amount of recipes (2,000!), I had to make sure that those blueberry muffins were distinguished enough to garner a spot in the cookbook. And there they were. Waiting for me.

With the assurances that a potential allergic reaction was worth it, I set to work. I followed the recipe to the letter but just knew that not using a muffin liner and using the crumb topping was going to end in tears. And I was right. The crumb topping started to get too brown too quickly and the muffin bodies began to get done too soon as well. Also, apparently my chopstick figure 8s weren't worthy of Perfect 10 scores because my blueberry jam didn't make it all the way to the bottom of most muffins.

These were some dense muffins which is exactly what the receipe was not supposed to result in. I am always careful not to overmix to try to control the gluten formation, but somehow these managed to lose their light and fluffy nature.

Edible? Yes. Worth an Epipen? No.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

On a roll.

One of the best bits of living in the city? A ridiculous amount of choices for brunch. The downside? Everyone else has the same idea on Saturday and Sunday mornings which means plenty of long waits. Thankfully with a cup of coffee in hand (preferably brewed from Intelligentsia or Metropolis beans), the company of good friends with stories from the week, and the hipster haircuts to chat about, the time can go by quite quickly. 

Up today? Another stop at Lula's Cafe. After a memorable birthday brunch in the same locale, it was time for another stop. The biggest pull? The sweet, sweet memories of their sticky pecan roll. A hybrid of a cinnamon roll and sticky bun, you can't deny these beauties. Also, what an awesome thing that an "appetizer" at brunch is essentially dessert!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Excuses. Who needs them?

It's.been.awhile. I should hide my head in shame. I should be completely overwhelmed about trying to summarize entire years in one post. I should probably just go to bed.

But I'm not! It's not as if I have spent the last year in my pajamas, watching re-runs of "Locked Up" and eating ice cream out of the container. I may be doing that right now, but certainly my life has been a bit more exciting than that!

I have fallen in love.... with a city.
I have traveled.
I have baked.
I have failed at baking.
I have laughed.
I have felt old ... thank you, back pain!

2011 was one for the records.

So instead of trying to summarize my life in 1000 words or less, I'll just consider this post a potential kick-start for much needed documentation of being a 30-something facing down life and still feeling like a child some of the time.