Monday, April 16, 2007

I just want to run!

"So we are friends now? I want to invite you."

Once again, a locker room encounter at the gym. This time with a lady named Mito who, I must admit, speaks excellent English like Izumi. We chatted about my teaching at Chatan and where I'm from and then she ended with this quote. Invite me? Where? And how do I keep getting involved with gym folks? Today I also saw this really certifiably crazy lady who exercises with her sunglasses on and in a sweaty dress shirt and she has taken a fancy to me. I really can't wait for workout anonymity.


Carly said...

Our gym is filled with perfect, skinny, tan, rich girls who were all athletes in high school. I think I'd rather have crazy dress shirt lady.

On the bright side, people like you :)

Regan & Kent said...

haha! If it makes you feel better, my gym is filled with hispanics who act like we live in Mexico, when in reality here we are in Chicago. :) On the up side, my Spanish has really improved!

Aaron Weber said...

My guess is that as long as you're the white girl in Japan, you'll never have workout anonymity.