Sunday, June 10, 2007

"Third Annual Going Away/Coming Home Family Farm Extravaganza"

Aquire the sign to your calendar! We us who have possessed the party 2007 August 4th celebrate everything which is let escape over last year! In order for we to return from Japan at the farm of the Griggs family for hitting hard the 3rd annual summer, connect us! We toss beanbag. We enjoy 3rd annual Otaru toss. The food is tasty. It should drink, there is many beer.

(We want to celebrate all the stuff that happened over the last year so mark your calendars for August 4th for our annual party!)


Bridgit said...

im there. bery enjoy!

Laura said...

Will there be live chickens? I'm not coming if there aren't chickens.

Rachel said...

Of course! Live chickens to chase and dead chickens to eat! That's the way we do it on the farm! :)