Sunday, March 02, 2008

A little skip in my step...

Ken's roughing it in Switzerland and Austria these two weeks, so I've been left to my own devices for entertainment.

Yesterday I had a fantastic Saturday. And the reason that I was so great was due to a) warmer weather and b) friendly people.

Living here, I miss helpful, genuine strangers. Regan and I were chatting the other day at the gym about how I go there almost every single day and I guarantee that no one knows my name or would care if I suddenly stopped showing up. And I don't know anyone else's name either. It's sad. (Regan's gym is way friendlier than mine...) I guess that although it can sometimes be annoying how everyone knew my business (and still do) in my hometown, I vastly prefer looks of recognition, heartfelt "hellos", and waves while driving instead of glares and honks.

Anyways, back to my weekend. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon running errands. I went to Trader Joe's where a chatty attendant is a given (and where they give you cookies when checking out. YESSSS!!!!)... And then I had to get my oil changed something that, as a female, I dread. I know I should be empowered and not overwhelmed by the testosterone in garages, but still, it's threatening. So I almost went to Jiffy Lube, but saw a ton of people waiting. I decided to go to the garage right down the corner from my apartment because Ken had gone there previously. I hate not knowing how to pull in, where to wait, etc. Thankfully, the friendliest (and I mean, friendliest) attendants were working. They were charming and when I pulled in with my car, every single one of them said, "How are you?" and smiled as I walked to the waiting room. It's amazing how my mood was lifted.

Later, I decided to wander a nearby downtown area. I stumbled across a running shop and decided to go in. The worker was really nice in giving me advice on how to train for my walk in May and further buoyed my spirits. Then I went to Starbucks because I had a new book that I was dying to start. The barista asked if I wanted an extra shot of espresso. Out of the blue! How nice!

My evening ended at Laura's Leap Day party where I didn't really know anyone. Thankfully, Laura has very nice friends and I had some lovely conversations with interesting people. It was a great time! I'll be back in four years. 2012...Wow. That's scary.

Anyways, yesterday was a breath of fresh air. And today the sun is shining and the temps reached 52 degrees. There is ground! Even though it's soggy and brown, it's fantastic. Usually I complain about how ugly and sparse everything is in the winter. This year, I'm sick of the white.

Tomorrow I begin training with my co-workers for the Avon Walk. We've located an indoor track we can use if the weather is nasty and we're going to start our laps. I am most excited to pick their brains and get to know them on an outside-of-work level. I bought some blister preventing socks yesterday at the runner's store, but still need to get great walking shoes. (And yes, Regan, I know that there are the same socks at Target, but the guy was just so friendly! I'll get my other pairs for cheaper...)

Ken comes back Saturday and for that, I'm truly grateful.

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