Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Long Live the RSS Happiness

One of the mysteries of life. How did I not know about the glory of RSS feeds until about 2 months ago?!

When my poor Mac (RIP) died in October, I lost all of my favorites. And I had a lot. Remember that I spent 1 year in Japan exploring the internet A – Zed. Even though I don’t cook or bake, I followed the tireless efforts of bloggers who do. I followed celeb trash news. I had shopping sites. I was obsessed with my favorites.

As work has slowed down thanks to the season, I have managed to start the spiderwebbing back to my old haunts (and new favorites). And I have discovered RSS Feeds and how amazing it is to see a lovely large list in my Microsoft Outlook inbox. I get excited when my favorite bloggers post a new entry that I know about IMMEDIATELY. No random visits any more. I know you can do this through gmail too, but I find the Outlook to be the most efficient way for me. It’s one of the little things that I find so thrilling in life.

Yesterday, none of my websites showed any new postings. I was distraught. I even added a new site and read those articles. Then today, still no entries. It was perplexing, but when I added yet another site, BAM! Backlog of entries to amuse me all afternoon. (*Dance time*)

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