Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Barter time?

I’m thinking of quitting the gym.


Shocker, I know. It’s $62 a month which I find to be ridiculous considering that I only use it for spinning classes. I usually go to 2 - 3 spinning classes  a week, so 8 - 12 a month. It’s over $5 per class on a good month when I’m actually available to go to the gyms on weekends. I have Jillian at home. I can run outside until about November. But I really like spinning. Has anyone had any success with bartering with gyms? I have suspended my membership for the month of July but still have to pay $15 to keep it active. For that $15, I am getting 3 visits that I can use. What if I offer the gym a deal? I’m willing to spend $35 a month for just spinning capabilities. Obviously they have a way of tracking a certain amount of visits per month since they are doing it for me for July. Can’t I just spin for 8 – 10 times a month for $35? If they think they are going to lose the full $62 as an alternative, maybe they’ll consider my deal. I can see desperation in their eyes during this touch economic crunch. They are doing all sorts of contests, painting rooms, adding lockers, and throwing up posters with new upcoming events. Ever since they lost their top instructor and classes dropped from totally full to about 8 people showing up, things are looking a bit down for the gym. I could threaten to join her gym instead…


The reason that I’m suspending my gym membership for July? Still a secret.


And the reason I might also be suspending my gym membership for August? A potential work-related journey to China (and maybe Thailand)!


Anonymous said...

Can't you just find a cheaper gym? :) Or just get a real bike and go for a really intense bike ride.

rahrahrachel said...

I could look for a cheaper gym, but those don’t offer spinning classes! :) And there aren’t a ton of challenging hills in Indiana, plus if you’ve ever been here, you’ll know that riding a bike on the same road as some of these drivers… My life just flashed in front of my eyes. I’m thinking of checking out EA SPORTS Active for the Wii. First I have to buy a Wii though. And then buy the game. That’s a lot of months at the gym. :)