Sunday, January 02, 2011

Trying to pump some life in a very dead blog...

It has been an embarrassingly long amount of time since I've posted. As I'm sitting on the couch and have the entire day with nothing to do, I might as well re-invigorate this little blog for 2011. Living in Chicago has been absolutely amazing and I should be recording all of the fabulous new places that we like to eat and drink, my newest experiments in our micro-sized kitchen, and trying to fit in at a gym where the muscles are larger, the parking garage is the challenge, and new classes have me flailing.

Last night we hosted some local friends at our apartment for a New Year's Day celebration as my New Year's Eve consisted of baking chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes and prepping my first-ever attempt at baked beans. And did the cupcakes match Annie's? I'd say so:

The party was a success with plenty of bourbon being consumed (thanks so some thoughtful Christmas giving) and plenty of laughs to ring in 2011 a day late.

And how is my 101 list coming along? I haven't even paid attention, which is pathetic since a year has already passed. However, glancing at the list, I see that I've completed a few items:

#19 - Write a toast for Brooke's wedding. And delivered it! And got a few laughs...

#20 - Find a source for grass-fed beef. Living in Chicago gives me access to Whole "Paycheck" Foods where we can get beef and even better, grass-fed bison.

#22 - Get my Mac fixed. And it was done for free thanks to Apple's extended warranty. Amazing! Now just to reload everything and start using her again.

#57 - Watch the sunrise. Accomplished in Houston with Aunt Carol and coffee in hand!

#59 - Attend a book signing. Thanks to my friend, Janel, I braved the lines and met Bakerella. :)

#61 - Try a new hairstyle. My hair got long. Excessively long. A "trim" last week took off about 8 inches. I'd say that counts.

#63 - Attend a professional conference. I headed to Kansas City last May for NAFSA (National Association for something related to international education...). I don't feel bad not knowing the name as I don't think ANYONE does.

#67 - Discuss future of my status at company regarding living in South Bend. Ummm...yes. I know live in Chicago most of the week and there were definitely some awkward discussions but it's worked out for the best. Love, love, love the life in Chicago and still love, love, love my job! Win win!

I just read #84 (Attend a real NYE party). Guess 2012 will have to be the year! Also, I better go purchase my teeth whitening kit! This is what I get for slacking...

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Kenneth Griggs said...

I'm so glad this is back on track. I can't wait to find out what number 95 is!