Friday, September 01, 2006

"I'm your new Japanese mom!"

Last night was my first "Welcome!" party from the English teachers and four of the Japanese teachers as well. We ate a ton of food and talked for five hours. Speeches were given and the funniest part was when this hilarious Japanese teacher gave a speech to welcome me (in Japanese) and said that she wants to be my new Japanese mom. I never have a clue what she's saying but she always leans forward expecting an answer so I look in a panic for someone to translate. It is my goal to learn enough Japanese to be able to converse with her. My teachers are absolutely fantastic and have made living in Okinawa so much easier. Kei, the only male in the picture, is unbelievably funny and gave a speech beginning with, "Rachel, you are my sunshine." Haha.

Classes on Friday were quite the experience. I had one Oral Communication class with the unmotivated students who like to sleep. I seriously had 4 students doing the work and participating. I asked the teacher if this was okay and he said that it is expected and not to feel bad at all. Next week I'm bringing candy. I will find a way to get these students at least a little excited about being in class. Then I had two English II classes with second-years. They were huge classes and they got into the activity and showed great creativity in speaking English. I had a great time and worked up an even bigger sweat while running around to talk to all of the groups and help them form questions.

I also have the students who studied in the United States coming by my desk all of the time and they are so excited to try to get on base and go to Taco Bell. I asked them to bring in pictures from their time and one girl said I wouldn't recognize her from the beginning of the year because she gained so much weight. I guess they all did. I asked them, "Was it too much Dairy Queen?" And they said, "YES! And pizza and McDonalds." American diet habits at work on these poor girls.

Tonight I'm headed to Naha, the capital of Okinawa, for a block party and some socialization. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Brooke said...

hey now, there is nothing wrong with dairy queen and mcdonalds and pizza.