Thursday, November 23, 2006

Can I have "Annoying Teachers" for $200, Alex?

Answer: This is a complete waste of time.
Question: What is trying to play a game with an unmotivated teacher and students?

This job can be absolutely maddening. Happy Thanksgiving again to everyone and I am thankful for so much, but I need to vent a little during this holiday season...

Today I was scheduled to teach two classes and both teachers wanted my famous Jeopardy game. Apparently, putting some questions together in about five minutes and yelling "YES! NO!" a lot makes me a teaching genius. If you are doubting my teaching abilities, I will have you know that I do make different levels of the game for different classes. My first class was with my absolute least favorite teacher and yet each time I enter this particular class, I somehow forget how terrible it's actually going to be. It always hits me about two minutes in when the girls won't shut up and have their backs turned to me. And the best part of this teacher is that he has no control and doesn't even attempt to get students involved. We played Jeopardy though. I had two boys who were really into it and they racked up $13000 because, despite the girls answering two questions at the end, they were the ONLY students participating. I was fairly excited, though, that they got some of the more difficult questions correct without excessive prodding and hint-giving. Real potential. Too bad they have this particular teacher.

After third hour, my mood was sour and I was feeling really low. I contemplated using some vacation time and just calling it a day. Having a bad class like that also makes you dread your next class which today was immediately after with a teacher I only like slightly better. This time I had some third years and the game was hilarious. Every student was involved...even the ones not answering were discussing questions in their groups. It was competitive and moved quickly. And I rebounded quickly as a result.

I just have to remember that it's Friday! I should have a lovely weekend in the north as long as the weather behaves (80 degrees and sunny today) and I get to down some famous Motobu pizza. Plus, I just started reading Anna Karenina and can't put it down. I figure I have another hour of solid reading time ahead before taking off of the weekend. Maybe a gingerbread latte for the road. Tis the season! And for these things, I am truly thankful.

And congrats, Kelli and Kannan! I kept forgetting!

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tothe-t said...

Chatan students would kill the most motivated of teachers..My progression: 1st half of 1st year. so excited, happy, motivated, 2nd half..completely disillusioned! 2nd year..Complete culture shock, shell shock, Chatan shock! 3rd! God! get me out of this school b4 someone ends up dead!