Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Did anyone mail me some stuffing?!

Last Saturday morning was a cozy one to spend inside since there was torrential rain and wind. In fact, thanks to the CNN scrolling news, I found out that a tornado hit Camp Schwab in the north of the island. All the little local news blurbs this week have referenced it as a "microburst"... like a tornado, but not. Same same, but different. Today at school the sky began to look rather ominous again and everyone was a bit on edge, waiting for the outburst. It hit around one and for the first time, I witnessed thunder and lighting in Okinawa. Usually it just rains, but today the weather pulled out all of the stops. I was wondering when I should start fashioning an ark. I even asked, "typhoon?!" and was assured it wasn't. During my class last hour, I had to scream over the rain pounding on our makeshift metal buildings. No one seemed too concerned about another "microburst," so I tried not to think about how I was perched on a hill in a flimsy building.

Maybe the energy that comes with the rain should be channeled every day. My classes were great today. I played Jeopardy with one of the "more difficult" classes and they were amazingly into it. Students were pushing each other to answer first and wouldn't give up on any questions, no matter how difficult. I spent almost the entire class laughing. They had some great guesses for an American city known for the Sears Tower and being the "Windy City." It took numerous other clues, but only when I mentioned Michael Jordan did I get a "CHICAGO!" yelled.

During lunch today, I was chatting with a couple of teachers about Thanksgiving and Christmas foods and traditions. Somehow, one of the teachers brought up ice cream that is put on a slab and ingredients are worked into it. I was so excited and yelled, "Coldstone Creamery! Where did you have it?!" Sadly, she said she only saw it on TV, but it looked amazing. Then she mentioned that maybe I should open a store in Okinawa. I'm pretty sure it would be a success, considering a third Starbucks is being opened in Chatan within a two block radius. Anyone want a new business venture?! And it also got me thinking... Laura M., we have two dates already: Coldstone and Moon Monkey. And yesterday I tried to explain to this same Coldstone teacher the differences between "trashy," "white trash," and "ghetto." She brought up Britney Spears and K-Fed (Wow. K-Fed) and I tried to explain the downward slide into white trashiness. Sometimes you just have to bring up visual aids to demonstrate. She asked, "So Paris Hilton?" And I said, "Just trashy." "Oh! Because she is fancy." Close enough.

Tomorrow there isn't any school thanks to a Labor Day of sorts, which is conveniently on Thanksgiving Day. I haven't located any Thanksgiving meals, but I'll find a yummy substitute somewhere. I was cornered by a crazy American who lives by the school and told he knew people having meals... I quickly made up plans. I think tomorrow I'll continue an American tradition - just a day early. Christmas shopping! Hopefully my arms will be full of goodies to bring home and maybe a few things for myself.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. This is the second straight year I haven't been in the States to celebrate. I miss it. A lot. So, watch the Macy's Day Parade, eat way too much, take three naps, eat some leftovers, watch some football, and plan your Friday shopping... and Happy Thanksgiving!

A picture to close... I keep forgetting to publish this photo. Notice anything strange?


Mom said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Find some good food somewhere and be thankful. We'll miss you!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I notice something strange. Why is the baby looking at me like that??

Regan said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Can't wait to have you back in the states in another few weeks.

laura said...

Yeah, I noticed something strange. That baby looks just my baby pictures!

Why do you have my baby pictures? Why is a blue woman carrying me away??