Sunday, December 03, 2006

Oh, Tanenbaum

It's impossible to take a good picture of a fiberoptic Christmas tree, but I can assure you that it's sparkly lights have already filled me with Christmas joy. I think the agenda for tonight is to watch some lovely TV and drink some hot cocoa. It's actually chilly enough to consume hot drinks. I even wore jeans and a sweatshirt today and have to bundle up for bed. Some nights you can feel the wind coming in between the cracks in the walls. Anyway, my mental well-being went up 20 points thanks to this little tree.


Carly said...

Very nice fiber optic tree. It wouldn't be my first choice, but seeing it is Japan and they are obsessed with technology I suppose it is quite fitting! Have a happy holiday season!

Rachel said...

I would have bought a regular fake one, but lights cost an incredible amount of money! A strand of 100 is about $10 and they're ugly and weird colors. So, I decided to skip the lighting step and do the fiber optic thing. Plus, it's shimmery.

Joyce said...

i was so overjoyed by your tree that i promptly journied to nearest shopping center to see about purchasing myself a similar one. only to be horrifed by the prices, as you mention in your comment. lights are out of the question. even your fiber optics tree was out of my price range, as it turned out i had but 1500 yen in my wallet. so i ended up with a 6in plastic, lightless, 315 yen tree from the hyakuen store:-(