Sunday, December 17, 2006

Spama Claus is comin' to town...

I have finished my Christmas shopping completely! And here's a bit of a preview for what everyone is getting... As the Japanese say, "It's delicious."

Yes, that's right. Boxes of Spam and hash. These are the official meat products of Okinawa (not in the rest of Japan, luckily for them). Just what you all put on your wishlist for Santa, right? There are also boxes of tuna, some fruit and vegetable juice boxes, vegetable oil, and other random kitchen items. Each box is wrapped and every grocery store is full of stacks of these gifts. I have yet to see someone carrying a box or putting one in their cart. It's a mystery that I'll have to clear up in the next week.

In other Okinawan news, we had our teacher party on Friday and performed our synchronized swimming routine. It went over exceedingly well (especially the sign bit that I added) and we won first place among the different departments. Our prize? Not Spam thankfully. Instead, we received a .... microwave! It's sort of like "The Price Is Right" every day here. I don't have a picture of us with our nose bandages, "gogos" and t-shirts with muscles painted on them, but maybe I can track one down this week. Instead, here's a picture of the science department "getting down."

The last week was one of the most trying so far thanks to some workplace drama. We have an English party tomorrow night and I hope that it will kick off a better week. I also have an appointment to make Christmas cards with English Club on Tuesday. Everyone is festive and ready to ring in the new year. I am anticipating my journey back to the States and my packed suitcase is sitting here, taunting me with promises of a happy holiday at home. Unfortunately, I have come down with my first sickness of the year and am mentally fighting off this sore throat so I can be ready to give guilt-free hugs and kisses.


Kimi said...

ew, SPAM!! Spam was all over the place in Hawaii... they even had a "Spam Fest" or something like that. Jeremy enjoys Spam and eggs... yuck. I hide the spam can in the back of the cupboard. 0:-)

Carly said...


Please don't eat the spam. I don't trust it.

Rachel said...

It is foul. Sometimes it's mixed into noodle dishes and you don't realize it's there until you taste something resembling hot dog, but not quite. What is the deal with the Spam?!

I won't tell Jeremy about your evil plot to rid him of Spam. :p

Luey Fufu said...

Oh no, I got you sick, too! You should definitely wash your hands after reading my blogs, just to be safe. :)