Monday, February 05, 2007

Some call it prostrating oneself. I call it groveling.

I am a slacker. I apologize to everyone who regularly checks this blog for exciting updates from Okiiiinawa. But I have some excuses to offer:

1) I have been ill. Seriously. Ill. Almost two weeks ago, I got to experience some really unpleasant back spasms that rendered me immobile and sleepless for a few days. Although I'm sure it would have been humorous to see me try to get off the floor in the morning, just trying to go up the stairs at my apartment took a good 10 minutes with plenty of grimace-filled stops. And then, I had finally recovered from the spasms and was at the gym when I felt my tonsils starting to hurt and within hours, I was experiencing my first cold of the season. Breathing became impossible and led to a few more sleepless nights, although last night I finally slept straight through (waking up at 6, but much better than usual!). I am currently hacking up a lung, which I think is pretty taboo in Japan. Hopefully, it will earn me a ticket home and plenty of time for "Guiding Light" and "The View."

2) Life isn't that interesting. Sure the weather is beautiful. Sure I have seen some amazing sunsets and was soaking up the sunshine yesterday. And, yes, there are random little cherry blossoms with twittering little birds on the way to school. Oh, and gorgeous, huge pink (bright and pastel) flowers at every turn. Did I mention that I had my windows open this past weekend with my laundry blowing gently on the line? Yes, all of those things are absolutely fabulous (especially when your nose is freezing immediately when walking out the door in Chicago... -5 degrees?! I wanted snow, but you can keep your cold!), but they don't make for exceptionally exciting stories on a regular basis. For the next three days, I will be sitting at my desk without my usual two classes of Jeopardy to break things up. The students are taking their finals (even though the year isn't over until the end of March) and I will be devoting myself to reading (and coughing for pity) and I might get enough motivation to clean my desk. It's that exciting here. I know. Refrain from getting in a plane and coming over immediately.

3) You have Starbucks at home. Currently the highlights of my week involve meeting a fellow ALT, Bridgit, at Starbucks regularly. It's a time of telling ridiculous school stories, people watching (somehow I am going to sneak some photos of the fashions and post them soon), and double mocha macchiatos. Starbucks is my therapy (and costs about the same as a professional), and you know the therapeutic benefits of a cup of coffee and a friend. It also cuts back on my need to vent via the blog.

I pledge to try harder at blogging in the near future. I have a three day weekend coming up (Happy Foundation Day, everyone!) and am determined to have some great photos and stories to bring you. My apologies to the Bears fans, and I guess a congratulations to my one Colts representative! Check out Ken's blog for an enlightening football entry from a rabid Packers fan. Quite the athletic supporter there. Ha.

Oh, ding dong! Finals begin in 5...4...3...2...1!

This groveling is hurting my back again. What better way to end an inane blog entry than with a blogthings quiz. How do they always know exactly who I am deep down?

You Are a Black and White Cookie

You're often conflicted in life, and you feel pulled in two opposite directions.
When you're good, you're sweet as sugar. And when you're bad, you're wicked!


Carly said...

Prostrate is too close to prostate. I don't like that word.

Well, I hope you're feeling better. No colds for me yet *knocks on all the wood in the house* But I don't get out much (it is driving me crazy. I wish the thesis would write itself) so I don't forsee catching anything.

Laura said...

It's good to know they have "church" in Japan.

Rachel said...

It is truly an international "church."

And I knew that someone was going to have a prostate comment! :) Glad it was you, Carly!