Friday, February 16, 2007

Third Grade Memories

I generally detest birds, but these tiny singing ones cheer me up on my walk to school. Today I happened to have my camera and caught this one in a cherry blossom tree. It just so happens that I took the picture where two days ago I witnessed a five pound white dog wearing --- and I am not making this up --- a cartoon diaper. It looked a bit shaky, but that might just have been from the apparent dog abuse. If only I was carrying my camera that day.


Regan said...

Mrs. Betterman would be so proud of you. Beautiful picture though. :) Oh, those bird walks, and then going back and coloring the picture of the bird.

Carly said...

There's a bird here that makes me happy. I can't remember what it is, though. (and it is definitely too cold right now)

My mom said taht over 40 robins were in my grandma's yard yesterday. Poor little things were probably starving and cold. I wonder why they are here so early.