Thursday, August 02, 2007

Merging back into American life

I'm home! I am writing this post from my new bedroom... I was upgraded to Brooke's room. My flight home could have been better. I will never fly Northwest by my own free will. I had to get on the plane twice in Detroit and got kicked off twice due to mechanical problems before we were given a different aircraft. I arrived in Chicago a couple of hours late, and thankfully Josh, Laura, and Ken decided to stick around and pick me up. Also, the flight attendants were rude and looked stuck in the 80s, you had to pay for drinks (not that I was wanting a drink on a 12 hour flight), and the planes were dingy and outdated. My flight in Japan was as nice as always, though, and I had a fellow Okinawa ALT with me to keep my mind off of the reality that I was leaving for good.

My transition back to the States hasn't been too terribly difficult as of now. I am adjusting to how fat and loud people are and only drove on the wrong side of the road for about a block before Ken said, "Ummm..Rachel? Right side." The sad part is that I was so torn up over leaving my apartment and Chatan and the kids.... and now I feel like I was never out of the country. Why can't memories stay crystal clear? Am I taking up too much important space with useless pop culture trivia?

I have had some nice evenings with friends since being back. Last night, I met up with Josh, Laura, and Zack, plus Ken and two Shimane ALTs (weird, right?) for some Mexican food, margheritas, and time at a local bar. Ken and I were able to enjoy our favorite chicken salad sandwiches the other day and then jumped in the pool afterwards...exactly as we had planned. And this weekend is the big bash where hopefully I will get to see a lot of familiar faces. I'm going to mix together some sangria ingredients tomorrow. Yes, I know--- rough life.

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