Sunday, August 05, 2007

Pass the BBQ sauce, please.

This weekend Ken and I finally had our big bash and I'm hoping everyone had a memorable time! We ate lots of pig, consumed copious amounts of beer, and, I think I speak for all the females, were absolutely captivated by the excitement of beanbag throwing. Here are some photos from the event:

Izzy licking frosting off of my nose during the baking bonanza with my mom.

Ken and his niece, McKenna, who is remarkably bigger than this time last summer. What a cutie! (Both of them)

McKenna declares herself the beanbag champ.

The pig being prepped. Thanks for the sacrifice, Wilbur.

Ken with his college buddies - Miller, Girdler, and Skinner.

Ken ruining a perfectly good photo of Krystal and Zack.

Fawning all over Ken with Amy.

The true warriors of the evening (having to deal with all the men) - Laura and Krystal.

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Anonymous said...

GOOD PARTY! We're all glad you're home!