Monday, September 17, 2007

Froggy Turner!

Last weekend, Ken celebrated his 24th birthday (Ha!)... And how did we mark the momentous occasion? A trip to the races, of course!

A group of us headed out to Balmoral Racetrack for their Super Night. We had a grand time watching fourteen races, betting on all of them, and losing money. I did a horrible job of picking horses all night. I kept losing my $2 bets as my horses refused to fight it out until the end. I was getting frustrated and when it came to the last race with the biggest purse on the line, I just knew that Froggy Turner was the name of the champion. I put $5 on him to place (which Ken doubled to $10 without telling me) and what do you know... Froggy came up from behind and galloped to first place. And we won $60. It was glorious!

Anyway, it was quite exciting and I think Ken had a good birthday. I'm not sure if Josh will be making the trip back for awhile.

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