Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Job Hunt Update ... Part 85 .... and 86

UPDATE for an update!!!

*** Just got a call from 'burbs place and he is almost sure that he will have a job to offer me tomorrow. Why would he call tonight if he won't have one for sure? That would be cruel. So, I'm pretty sure I am employed.... But I am also going to head out to the Monday interview and see how it compares. I was really thrilled with my interview and the people at the first job so either way this is all going to work out. I hope. If not.... I'm going to scream!***

Okay, so here's the breakdown.

The job that I interviewed for with the luxury travel company in the 'burbs never got back to me...a week after they said they would make their decision. No letter. Nothing. So I emailed yesterday and they haven't made their decision yet, so I might still have a chance for that position.

The phone interview/Denver folks are supposed to get back to me in the next week or so to schedule an in-person interview in November... if I didn't bomb the prelims. So, I'm still waiting.

I had given up on other jobs and then on a whim today applied with a travel company in Chicago. Ten minutes later I got a call from a head honcho who just received my info and I have an interview on Monday! This job is almost identical to the first travel...five star arrangements...entry-level assistant. But it's downtown! Like DOWNTOWN Chicago! Exciting! Anyways, I'm thrilled to have yet another back-up.

Let's hear it for people calling back!

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