Monday, October 15, 2007

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go... that song will always remind me of Kimi and Kelli.

Anyways, things are shaping up here as I have made numerous runs to the store to grab all the stuff that I'll need to stock my new place. I had to pledge my second-born child to my parents because of all that they are doing for me. I also had to unpack boxes from my last move over two years ago so that I could see what I already have. I never realized how many picture frames I have. It's slightly embarrassing.

So, here's a funny story. At least I think it's amusing.

Remember how I hurt my knee about 10 days ago? Well, later on that weekend, I noticed that Izzy was showing a bit of a limp. By the next day, she was full-on favoring her front right leg. Mind you, I hurt my right leg. We were both limping around the house and I *swear* that she was imitating me. We have a very close bond afterall. Anyway, after a few days of this, we started getting a bit worried, but thanks to an X-ray and some medicine, the dog is now healing and not limping any more. So now we can truly laugh about it and not throw around big words like elbow dysplasia. That dog loves and adores me.

And our neighbor dog, Rosco, who brings out her inner hoochie.


Jeremy & Kimi said...

ha ha, good times with that song. :) So is your knee feeling better? Hope the move goes well - send your new contact info when you get a chance! :)

Carly said...

Ohhhhh ughhh... ohhhh ughhh *moaning*

That's my best imitation of Kelli imitating the beginning of the song :)

Amy said...

Do you have elbow (or knee) dysplasia too?

Kelli said...

7 years or so without that awful moaning ... and now that song is back in my head. Aaah!!! Make it stop! ;)