Saturday, February 09, 2008


I'm 21% of the way there!

Strolling to my goal. Slow and steady wins the race. :)

I promise I'll have some more updates/pictures soon. We have a wedding next weekend so there will actually be something to report. And Ken bought me tickets to see "Rent" on Valentine's Day, so that will be another story.

Work is going to be awful for the next two months. Our India expert has left for six weeks (to India for a family thing) and I'm going to have to try to fill in with a region I'm not familiar with and to keep track of all of her new and old itineraries. I did this before but not for such a long time. Everyone was already on edge on Friday and she hadn't even left yet. The job is going well though. I have started trying to talk to clients more since I've become much more comfortable with our products and can explain what the Sonesta St. George is, what's included in the cruise on the Danube, and what time flights typically get in when you fly to Peru. I spend a lot of time on expedia growling because we aren't supposed to do ticketing.. It's a serious pain. And the tour consultants should just tell people to do it on their own, but because they're too nice I end up shopping for the best flights.. all for $50 profit. Not worth it! Anyways, that's my only complaint for now! Maybe not the ONLY complaint... :)

Today I went to the gym with Regan and the two of us ended up demonstrating for a Turbo round for the whole class. Hilarious. Like the old days on the stage. Poor Moo Moooooooo!!!!!! Anyways, we were semi-teachers for two minutes which was fun and tiring. And we did a little hip hop the other night in one of our classes and had to stop because we were becoming so hysterical at how awkward and uncool we truly looked.

Ken and I are expecting Josh and Laura in a minute and we have Nutella tortellini planned for dessert. I hope it works!!! Yum!

PS - Since posting, I'm up to $470! Thank you everyone!
PPS - Up to $520! I better start stretching out my muscles...

As of today, 12 February, I'm at $620. *Doing jig*

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