Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today Ken and I journeyed over to the Hoosier state to start the relocation process. We had a couple of apartment complexes in mind, but all the information/complexes on the internet were completely overwhelming. My main criteria: washer and dryer in the unit.

We checked out the first place and it was completely acceptable. A bit more than we wanted to spend and we didn't really see anything extra special that would warrant the cost. And the washer/dryer was down the hall and there was only one of each.

The next place had incredibly unfriendly staff and was the sort of place that you know police frequent regularly. Washer and dryer? In the complex next door. Upon seeing the mediocre and smoky apartment, we crossed it off the list and left in a hurry.

At lunch, I got ahold of Carly and we headed off to check out her complex. And it was here that we fell in love. On the spot, we picked an apartment and started the leasing process. We are saving a considerable amount of money on our apartment and the complex has a very popular pool. And... a washer/dryer in the apartment. Carly will be just down the block and will be called on moving day to lend a hand. Hi, neighbor!!!

Then we rushed off to Elkhart because Ken had an interview for a bartending gig. He was in there for awhile and by the time he walked out, he was employed and starting in less than two weeks!

On to my employer. I wanted to say hello and make sure I'm not going to regret my decision. The office was in chaos because we are moving to another location on Thursday, so the packing has begun. Thank goodness I'm coming in after the move! The boss decided everyone needed a drink and we headed off to a local pub for some drinks and appetizers. There are only 7 in the office and 6 made it out with us. I think that although I'm *really really really* going to miss my current co-workers, I'm going to get along fabulously with this group as well. There are two girls who did JET in Nagano and are roommates. We were already discussing "movie nights" for the nights when Ken is slaving away at the bar.

And now we're back...with a move-in date a week earlier than originally intended. I'm mentally packing up the apartment and am now even more excited to call Indiana home. :)

Here's a very exciting photo of an apartment we saw where we're going to be living. We're on the third floor so we get to enjoy vaulted ceilings and cute window.

P.S. - I've been updating my 101 List if you haven't checked it in awhile. I haven't written very exciting entries, but at least you can see some progress!


Carly said...

Congratulations, Fozzie. Hope to see you soon :)

And way to go, Ken! Do you have to mix drinks on a bartending interview?

Amy said...

The apartment looks lovely! Glad your coworkers seem nice.