Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Amish" admit, log cabins are fab.

I'm never one to refuse great hospitality, especially in combination with beautiful sunny days.

This past weekend, Ken and I headed up to Michigan to check out what all the fuss is about with my cousin and her husband's lakehouse. Needless to say, we were not disappointed. We drove up on Friday in an hour flat, spent the evening eating pizza, and chatting under the moonlight along the lake.

On Saturday, the fam went to Shipshewana, which is actually closer to Mishawaka (love the names), but since they aren't in the neighborhood much, we checked it out. It's Amish country and while swerving buggies in the road, you get a taste of the good old life. Or at least of something very different and slightly bizarre.

We spent the afternoon boating around the lake and eventually taking a dip. Then Brooke somehow talked me into cannonballing into a freezing pool. A short nap in the covered gazebo, a fantastic BBQ, and another night under the stars with s'mores finished the day. It was peaceful and nice to have the whole family together, including Grandpa and Aunt Chris and Uncle Jack.

Some photos!

Brooke and Mike ----

Enjoying the lake (and me trying out my Indian garb)----

Swimming with Tarah and Brooke. (Brooke started that one too!)

My cousin, Tarah, hostess with the... cheesy, I know.---

Bret and Morgan, the yellow lab and a golden shot ----

The only downside to spending time gorging on s'mores?! Chigger bites. Now I look like I'm recovering from the pox.----

Yep, it was fabulous. Might have to show up on the doorstep soon. Work is going well, although I have started to become super-stressed as my plate keeps getting fuller and fuller. It's been awhile since my "Task Manager" in Outlook has exploded in such a short time.

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Juhi R said...

I had to google "chigger bites", it really looks nasty! hope they are gone now.

and I would love to see more of the Amish.. do u have more pics?