Friday, August 01, 2008



Have you seen this show?! Anyone know a cure besides just watching all of them in one fell swoop?

It's been a great week of vacation... Ken and I moved in last Saturday and since then, we've been running errands, hanging photos, sitting by the pool, and continuously trying to squeeze in another episode of crack-cocaine Heroes.

Last Friday, I was surprised at work with two dozen beautiful pink roses and a party, complete with everyone's special desserts and snacks. It was delicious and quite sad.

Here I am with Jane and Allison, two of my favorite co-workers.

I had to leave quickly because it was depressing to leave a job that I really did like. Ken and I finally went to the Riverwalk in Naperville on Friday night and had some delicous sushi before enjoying a comfortable night sleeping straight on the floor sans mattress or cushy blankets.

The old apartment ---

The move-in day went pretty well, except the "small" glitch that immediately after we signed our lease, we found out that our new "home" was a smokey nightmare and started panicking about how many lawyers it was going to take to get into a different apartment. Thankfully, the complex felt terrible about putting us in such an awful unit and within 30 minutes we were set to go with a perfect apartment.

Here's the living room with our new couch (that has two recliners!) ---

I really love the light that comes through and the vaulted ceilings. Love it, love it.

The new love of my life, our washer & dryer ---

My pride and joy. The new bed that I purchased and my makeshift headboard. We bought a $20 curtain rod and used it to display a blanket we picked up in Nepal. A cheap and easy way to brighten up a room and make a bed look more finished. (We still need a comforter and all that jazz...don't judge) We have a plethora of elephants decorating the room (thanks to India) and supposedly they are supposed to bring good luck and wealth. Here's hoping!

Our walk-in closets! Score!

We both joined gyms and yesterday I did my first-ever spinning class, which almost claimed my will to live. But I do really enjoy my overpriced gym and will be TurboKicking tomorrow morning just like the old times in IL. I'm hoping to continue going in the morning hours.

This morning I stopped into my future workplace and they were in a daily morning meeting. Everyone was sitting around, practially in their pajamas, sipping gigantic cups of coffee. It was very Zen. We (yep, I'm now embracing my new company) are in a brand new office and they decorated it in a tremedous way. Beautiful colors and amazing black and white Australia & Asia photos. I saw my desk and also found out that I have a new laptop!

Ken and I have seen Carly and Doug a couple of times this week and have been signed up to attend a picnic next week (thanks to my co-workers). We (at least I think I speak for Ken too) really like the area and are becoming quickly familiar with the major roads and where Chipotle and all the Targets are located.

More to come as the job begins. This weekend we're heading back across the border for a wedding.

Alright, back to bloody Peter Petrelli and Claire and Hiro and Ando.


Tammy said...

I enjoy the picture of your washer/dryer. It reminds me of the one I have from Compass Pointe...except mine has the addiction of Kelli with her butt "stuck" in the washer!

Amy said...

Can't wait to see the apartment in person!

Anonymous said...

i've been watching heroes since it started. great show. :) almost as addictive as lost.