Saturday, January 28, 2012

On a roll.

One of the best bits of living in the city? A ridiculous amount of choices for brunch. The downside? Everyone else has the same idea on Saturday and Sunday mornings which means plenty of long waits. Thankfully with a cup of coffee in hand (preferably brewed from Intelligentsia or Metropolis beans), the company of good friends with stories from the week, and the hipster haircuts to chat about, the time can go by quite quickly. 

Up today? Another stop at Lula's Cafe. After a memorable birthday brunch in the same locale, it was time for another stop. The biggest pull? The sweet, sweet memories of their sticky pecan roll. A hybrid of a cinnamon roll and sticky bun, you can't deny these beauties. Also, what an awesome thing that an "appetizer" at brunch is essentially dessert!

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