Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My weekend originally appeared to be a bit of a slower one with a visit to the hometown and then a relaxing Sunday as the significant other was scheduled to be in Montana on a mini-break. However, due to "Acts of God," his flight was cancelled and I found myself back in the city with a very disgruntled non-traveler and the task of salvaging a bit of cheer.

In a moment of brilliance, I recommended a late dinner at Tango Sur, an Argentinian restaurant not far from our house. An incredibly popular place, we found out at 8:30 pm that the wait was still approaching two hours. Refusing to be deterred from the promise of BYOB wine, we hit a few local establishments first and suddenly the evening was on the cusp of capturing the joviality we experience in Paris.

Around 11 pm, we took our seats at one of the best seats in the restaurant with a single candle and high-spirited diners surrounding us. Wine was flowing freely at tables and the food was rich and delicious. It was exactly what made me fall in love with Paris in November.

Our journey was for made for four reasons:
  1. To eat our body weight in foie gras.
  2. To drink our body weight in cocktails and local spirits.
  3. To earn miles for a trip to Argentina in 2012. 
  4. To help me forget my ill-fated trip in 2001 which left a sour taste in my mouth.
Did we succeed? Absolutely! Some of the best three days of my life. Hands down. Viva la France!

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