Thursday, March 01, 2012

Shaking in My Shoes

The last few months have been spent visiting a chiropractor and becoming increasingly lazy thanks to a recurring back injury. After plenty (!) of rest and surviving another Sydney orientation, it's time to find my motivation and challenge myself again. Besides cracking every single vertebrae, my chiropractor gave me some words of advice and the all clear to get back to the gym.

How will I celebrate?

By punishing myself with my first Bar Method experience. Who wouldn't want to go to classes that lead to quotes such as these?
Wow, the Bar Method is intense. It works every major muscle group and you're going to be shakin' so bad that you're going to feel like a total a$$.
The bar method is very expensive torture that you actually convince yourself is FUN! HOWEVER.... it will make any exercise bearable for the rest of your life! 
You know that feeling when you are working out and your muscles start to shake because they are about to fail?  This is about 60 minutes of that.
What can I say? It was January. There was a special on. I enjoy muscle failure.

The good news is that you have to book classes online so I bit the bullet today and scheduled my first classes. I have six weeks to reap the rewards of these classes because after that, I would need to be in a different tax bracket to be able to continue at the studio.

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