Monday, May 21, 2007

It took me a second---

My favorite class (Oral Communication II 3-2) is currently working on little presentations about Chatan. Today their team names were revealed, including an "Adidas" team and a "Yankees" team. And then this little gem --- "Low-temperature Anesthesia." It took me a second (and the little clipart of a yawning lion helped).... Hibernation! I think. I laughed really hard.

In that class, I also have some boys who continually throw Spiderman webs at me and are only happy if I give them the wrist flick as well and some girls who connected their textbook stories about San Francisco with "Full House." I really do enjoy that class. There's always something---

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Carly said...

Certainly creative. I remember the good old day of highschool. It's rather embarassing, actually.