Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Very enjoyed!

I don't have any insights into the Japanese mind today, but I would like to quote an entry from a student journal. "I'm bery happy day." Maybe it's the gorgeous weather that has been around all week and will continue for a couple more days. Perhaps it is from the promise of a short vacation to Miyako starting tomorrow. Or the fact that my two classes this afternoon were just suddenly cancelled (making 8 classes to teach total this week) and that I have a three day weekend thanks to some school schedule juggling...and then another three days off thanks to exams. It might be from the students that I just entertained by butchering Japanese words and memorizing their names. Or the fact that I am finally into the epilogue of "War and Peace." Whatever the reason, "I'm bery happy day." I love that motto. And to amp it up another cheese notch (from War and Peace), "What comes next then? What am I going to do? Nothing. I'm just going to live. Oh, it's marvellous!"

What am I going to do when I return to the States? At this point, I'm not fretting. Something will come up. For now, I'm going to soak in some subtropical sunshine.


Carly said...

I don't have a job yet, either. Maybe we can open our own ornamental shrubbery business together. Do you know how to cut Asian inspired shapes?

Rachel said...

Excellent idea! Or I'll just bring back a bunch of Nihonglish shirts that make no sense and we can sell them at a mark-up from the back of a van! Ooh! And we can throw in some Pocky too. :) We should start making business cards.