Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Life's a zoo

In celebration of the day before a four day weekend (Golden Week time in Japan), almost every school in Okinawa headed to various locations around the island for "Picnic Days." Our first and third year students "had" to go to the zoo because all of the beaches were already booked. It was a long day since the zoo doesn't really consist of many animals (only hundreds of kawaii elementary students to watch) and boredom was unavoidable. The only real highlight was the tug of war game with five ropes. Everyone rushed to the middle and whoever ended up with the most ropes on their side won the round. The only other interesting tidbit of the day was that they didn't have to wear uniforms. So what did quite a few groups of girls do? They all dressed the same as their friends (scandalous clothes, of course), but they couldn't even be individuals for one day.

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