Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I *heart* my life

Today I left school at 12:30 saying, "It's too hot! I.Can't.Take.It.Any.More!"

I went and grabbed lunch at a Thai restaurant down in Mihama where I noticed that the restaurant had two giant poles in the middle of it from the ferris wheel. The food was delicious and I was immediately transported back to my first meal on Koh Sanh Road. By this time, the sun was finally coming out after some dodgy weather the last few days. I had my Paul Theroux travel book and decided to head to the beach to read. I walked out to some rocks along the ocean and near the Sunabe Seawall where I could read and listen to the waves. I was concentrating on my book when I heard a strange little scratching noise next to me. I turned around and was confronted with a moving hermit crab. He was as startled by my movement as I initially was of him. He shrank down into his shell and we sort of played hide and seek. He was cute the way he kept getting his shell caught while reversing. And then a few minutes later he had a friend who was almost on my lap before he realized that I was a human and not a rock. I was greatly amused, but unfortunately didn't have my camera. :( Down by the water, there were giant regular crabs skidaddling along the rocks. I left my spot greatly amused and sunburned one hour later. I hope to return tomorrow afternoon.

After my time along the shore, I headed to my favorite little cafe for some more reading and met Bridgit for a bit. Then I decided to go to the gym even though it was fairly late. As I signed in, this smiley man says, "Have I asked you before? Who sings this song?" and immediately starts humming an old tune and singing the last line. I knew the song, but couldn't place the band. Then he says, "Someone told me...maybe Bay City Rollers?!"

It was the kind of day that I will miss in 10 short days. And tomorrow I have to say so long to my favorite homeroom class. I saw some of them in Mihama today and they took pictures with me. *Sigh*


Carly said...

I remember picking up shells in Texas and screaming when a little hermit crab popped out of one :)

Enjoy your last few days before you enter the real world (again).

Laura said...

Oh, the "about to leave" nostalgia is kicking in.

At least you don't have to come home in the winter!

Juhi said...

I should have been a pair of ragged claws
Scuttling across the floors of silent seas.