Thursday, July 19, 2007

Photo Ops

My homeroom class... hands down the best class in the school. I found out after the party that they are throwing another party for me tomorrow afternoon. I thought my sad little good-byes were over!

My three "Spiderman" boys who wanted to take a "Japanese" photo. Ummmm.....

My best first year girls... They love to speak English and have already sent me emails since this morning. (Also their names are some of the only ones that I could really get down.)

It was a rough morning. I had 4 classes and rewarded myself with another afternoon on the rocks. Better than a drink on the rocks at 1 pm, I suppose. :)

I got one hermit crab photo. They were a bit more elusive today, but I could still see them once in awhile. I did see one do a somersault which was quite funny. Maybe I need a pet hermit crab for when I get home.

And the beach ... sorry about the wind noise.

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