Sunday, July 22, 2007

"It just got warm. Did you pee?"

I'm exhausted! I feel like I keep running and running and adding to my lists, while rarely crossing anything off. But it's also been an excellent weekend although it flew by a bit too fast.

On Friday, I had my last class (which was one of the best all year) and gave my speech in front of the school to say good-bye. Then my homeroom grabbed me and ran me up to the AV room to watch our video from the stage festival. After laughing at the performance, we ran up to the classroom for some Mr. Donut donuts and a very nice speech from one of the students. They also presented me with a collage of photos and good luck wishes (which were hilarious and thoughtful at the same time). It was exceptionally nice and as the summer break began, the students were reluctant to leave the classroom. A multitude of high fives were thrown and I sadly walked away.

The evening was spent with my teachers at a sushi restaurant where we chatted and enjoyed each other's company. Theresa, my predecessor came along and can now vouch for the strangeness of some of the new teachers. Quote of the night came from one of my teachers who told the crazy teacher who wears the crepe outfits that she liked her pants fringe. Quote from crazy teacher: "Yes. Thank you. The theme of this outfit is 'cicadas.'" Ha.

On Saturday I grabbed my beach towel and headed to Tropical Beach with Jamie, Theresa, and Bridgit. It was extremely hot out and we spent most of the afternoon in the bathtub water ocean. There were plenty of people to watch and after having our fill of the sun, we made our way to a cafe for some more chatting. I spent the evening wandering Mihama at night and watching "Harry Potter." There were mostly Americans in the theater and I didn't know how to behave socially around them. It scared me to hear them talking and I felt completely uncomfortable in their presence. I wanted to talk to the Japanese couple wearing yukata sitting a few seats down instead.

Today was yet another beach day and besides soaking in some sun, the highlight was when Bridgit's car got pinned in by two vehicles and some helpful Okinawans tried to be good Samaritans. Thankfully, the owners of one of the cars appeared and moved out of our way. It would have been sort of funny except we were sweating bullets and just wanted to get moving.

Tomorrow begins "Errand Week" as I try to tackle some of the tasks that must be done before departing on Saturday. As my time in Okinawa ends, it's time for reflection... I'll pen my summary sometime soon.


Carly said...

Good luck during errand week!

Kenneth Griggs said...

The theme of my outfit today: "Cucumber"