Sunday, August 13, 2006

Rock it out

I`m back at school this morning and wondering if any other teacher is going to show up today... It`s summer break and apparently they just don`t make appearances. It makes for a long day...

Besides snorkeling this last weekend, I somehow got dragged into a karaoke bar with another American, Bridgit. I have an intense fear of singing in public and couldn`t believe what I was doing. It ended up that we had our own room to perform in and we had an absolute blast picking every kind of song and laughing at our super renditions. We especially rocked it out on a `Lady Marmalade` duet and a Black-eyed Peas performance. Needless to say, I got over my fear, although I`m still not sure about singing in front of 10 other people.

One thing about Japan that is a bit difficult to accept, but at the same time, admirable, is that they have a zero tolerance alcohol limit. So if you have one sip of one drink, you are not driving that night. Obviously, there are taxis everywhere and they have one amazing service called Daiko. When you get a daiko taxi, you get two drivers. One of them will drive your car back to your place so you don`t have to go back and pick it up in the morning. And it doesn`t cost much more than a regular taxi. It is fantastically convenient!

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