Sunday, August 06, 2006

Thank goodness for Theresa's internet!

Life in Chatan…

My teachers dropped me off last night after a day of shopping and getting everything set for my apartment. “Call us if you need frappuccino…” They looked worried. They were dropping me off into a foreign land without a car and no plans. They were right to be so nervous. As I entered my apartment, the reality of my situation hit me. I have no car. There’s not much to do in my area. No internet. No TV. Two whole days. I began to spiral into a bit of a depression, although my mood was boosted tremendously by the internet access on my phone and talking to Ken finally! I went for dinner alone last night to the same sushi restaurant I went to with the crew. It’s the only place I really know within walking distance of my home. I ate alone at the sushi bar and came home for a early bedtime.

I woke up on Saturday at 7 am and realized that I couldn’t spend the day in my apartment. And yet, I had no real way to reach any JETs. I got up and went for a walk to find a phone to call my parents. A much needed call home. And then explored a bit in the heat. I found the road that leads down to Mihama Village (the hotspot and ferris wheel of Chatan). I came back, took a shower, and prepared for a walk that could last all day for all I knew. I began walking and it was fine, although hot, for the first half hour. At least it was downhill. Finally around 45 minutes in I reached my destination and immediately soaked in the air conditioning of Jusco, a large department store. After recovering a bit (I’m sure Takako will have a FIT that I walked in the heat for that long), I began exploring. It is the greatest area! I sat on the beach for a bit, I ate a muffin and drank a latte while staring at the ocean, shopped (browsed, no buying) in all of the amazing shops, and soaked in the great atmosphere. And, I also realized that I could email my predecessor and other JETs from my phone. So, I emailed Theresa to say thank you for all of her work and to get her my number. She told me she and another girl, Dona, could meet me at Jusco. I got adopted for the evening and it was nice to be able to talk about JET and Chatan High School and everything that is going on. I was properly distracted. I watched some TV, used the internet briefly, picked up another JET, took her to Yomitan (her apartment), ate sushi at a conveyor belt place, and briefly heard a Eisa performance for Obon. Good times.

I’m not sure what I’m doing tomorrow. I’d like to see some of the Obon celebrations (starts officially tomorrow) and I have to wait around in the afternoon for my washer. I still have no kitchen appliances and no bed or any furniture at all. I saw quite a few things I’d like to buy today and might ask Takako to take me so I can get some bulky things.

Since I don’t know when I can really post online, I type my entries on my computer and save them to my flashdrive. There’s a bit of a delay from actual occurrences and posting time. For the next few weeks, you can email me at on my phone. The name will change and I’ll let you know what it goes to. Ken and I appreciate your emails and news from home. And pictures to show us what we’re missing. Hope to talk to you all soon!

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