Monday, August 14, 2006

Surfing and searching

My days are spent surfing the internet. I encourage everyone to start a blog for my sake! I have found myself reading complete strangers` ramblings. It`s pathetic and I`ve only been here a week. I don`t care how boring you think you are... Start a blog and tell me what you had for dinner! It`s much more interesting than staring at a wall with writing that I can`t read. Also, if you stumble across websites that have potential for amusing someone for hours, pass those along to me! I would say that once school actually starts that I`ll have things to do and will be busy, but from what I hear, that isn`t going to happen. The biggest risk with this job is madness associated with boredom. The White Sox are winning 4-0. Good stuff.

Yesterday I took yet another long walk and ended up at the 100 yen store. I know that dollar stores in the United States are generally made fun of, but you wouldn`t believe the stuff you can buy at the 100 Yen Plaza. Apparently, these stores make superlow contracts with China and Taiwan and can sell the same things as other stores dirt cheap and still make a huge profit. I bought markers, crayons, colored pencils, paper, a little Chinese figurine to stick into my forming urinal shrine, and loads of things that are actually useful! I bought all my dishes and glasses there, plus cleaning supplies and some frames.

I`m waiting for my alien registration card. I`m trying to be patient, but without it, I can`t get a movie rental card. (I know...what priorities) I also need it to complete the various processes associated with living in another country, such as setting up bank accounts, finalizing cell phone plans, paying for bills, etc. It`s a crucial piece of paper and I cannot wait to have it in my possession!

Ken is currently actually learning the language of the country in which we`re living. He got enrolled in a two week intensive language course in the capital of his prefecture. I wish I was learning some serious sentences so I have more to offer than my few phrases. Of course, my need for learning Japanese is pretty much non-existant in Okinawa. I haven`t had any problems so far, which isn`t helping my motivation level. White Sox 8-0.


Carly said...

Do you have a urinal in your bedroom? Did I miss something (or read something wrong...)??


You're an ALIEN!!!!

Rachel said...

I am an alien... Green card-carrying.

I have a full-out urinal in my bathroom. It`s fantastic. Blue.

Joyce said...

im commenting on your blog bc i am also bored and cant access email from this damn school computer. my bathroom is blue too, whats up with that? I updated my blog so you can amuse yourself some with that if you want. hey! i got a video rental card AND a bank account without my alien registration card, but the route 23 AU peeps wouldnt let me get a cellphone. at the movie store, wave your american student ID card in their face and scare them into thinking youre an exchange student with a work visa. worked for me.

Luey Fufu said...

I don't think we've ever met, but I know Brooke and followed the link to your blog from hers.

I love reading about your experience over there. I can't believe you have a urinal. :)

You can read my occasional ramblings/rantings at if you become dreadfully bored. :)

Joyce said...

rachel, did you know you were in the newspaper last friday? there were two pictures of our JET group meeting with the mayor. since me and you were in the front row of JETs, im in one picture and youre in the other!