Monday, August 21, 2006

You know you`re old when...

We had our conference in Naha on Thursday and Friday. Of course, there was the obligatory "big night out" with old and new JETs. It was nice to chat with everyone, but by the time the real partying began, I was ready to sleep. So I did. Everyone else showed up hungover to the meetings the next day and I was perky as ever. Yep. I`m too old for this stuff.

Then there was supposed to be the big weekend trip to Tokashiki Island on Saturday and Sunday. The forecast called for rain and I just wasn`t mentally prepared for skinny dipping and excessive drinking, plus rain and sleeping on the sand. So I found myself instead at the HUGE Eisa Drumming Festival which is coupled with the Orion Beer Festival. Everyone on the island was there and it ended with fireworks. I think that since I plan on staying only one year on the island, it`s better for me to soak up some culture with the locals (and ever-present military folk). I`m trying to rationalize not hanging out with fellow JETs... I was accompanied by another ALT, Bridgit, to the festival and we did do karaoke. We`re already comparing which places we like best and which systems make us sound better!

I don`t know if I mentioned that the school is under construction right now. I can see giant cranes all day and it is amazing how quickly it is all coming together. Supposedly, phase one is going to be done by the end of October/early November. That won`t help us during the heat of August and September, but is definitely something to look forward to.

I can`t believe that people are actually setting up blogs for me! Thanks, Aunt Carol! I seriously spend the first 30 minutes of my day checking out all of my bookmarked sites...


Norma Jean said...

Geez, Rachel,
Too tired to hit the parties, but not to Karaoke? What's wrong with this picture.
I'm enjoying your adventures. Hope the beginning of school produces some sparks of excitement for you; buying crayons and markers got more of a write up than the weekend party that you missed.
Take care.

Carly said...

Guess what I got today!?!? A postcard from Japan! YAY!

I'm old, too. I'm not buying Notre Dame football tickets (I can even buy 2 ticketbooks this year since I'm married). I hate tailgating. Here, I think that makes you an automatic loser.