Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Feeling violated

My car got broken into this past weekend. I was getting in and noticed that my owner's manual was on the passengers seat and that there was a bag hanging from the glove compartment. Then I looked in the back and my empty Carson's box had been opened and my gym bag contents were thrown all over. Nothing was missing, not my Peanut Butter energy bar, my dime, my 5-yen coin, my size 9.5 gym shoes, or smelly gym towels. I'm sure the person was really happy with all that great stuff I keep in my car! Anyways, I'm not sure how he/she got in. Nothing was broken or scratched. I always lock my door, even in the driveway at home.

My birthday was a great day. We had lunch at work and some cake. Then Ken surprised me with a princess tiara and silly string at home. He made dinner which was delicious and we headed out for ice cream. Then we settled in for a movie. All in all, 28 has been completely acceptable.

This week I'm going to be on my own as Ken heads out to Tahoe for a snowboarding trip. I set up a Family Video account and am ready to abuse my 50% discount. There's leftover ice cream in the freezer and I have some meals that involve no cooking. I'm such an adult.

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Carly said...

Yeah, I left my doors unlocked in the airport parking lot overnight. No one stole anything - but he gl was missing from my bumper (as in Taurus GL) - So don't feel bad :)