Sunday, January 13, 2008

Slim Shady

If you haven't been to Starbucks lately (not that I would *ever* buy into such a greedy, out of control corporation. *cough*), they're now pushing their "Skinny lattes." I have always ordered my drinks "skinny" (i.e. with skim milk and no whip cream). So, on first glance, it appears that these new "additions" (that have always been available) are fantastic. However, to order a skinny latte now means that they will put some sugar-free syrup in it instead of the good stuff. Yesterday, I ordered a tall caramel latte with skim milk and the girl shouts out, "Tall skinny caramel latte!!!" and I ended up with a foul fake-sugar-tasting drink. I threw in some real sugar and salvaged the moment. Laura looked the other way as I dumped calories into my skinny drink. A week before, I wanted to try a cinnamon dolce latte and this old man worker yelled at me when I tried to order it with skim milk. "Why don't you just order a new skinny latte?" So today, I order --- "I want a caramel latte with no whip cream and with skim milk.. but I don't want the skinny kind b/c I want the sugar! You get it?!" She did. She made a look of disgust when I mentioned the fake syrup. And the lady behind me gave a little "amen!" and ordered the same as me. Very funny.

Also regarding "skinny" stuff, I have a new/old gym friend! And this one speaks English! And she doesn't wear spandex leotards with purple animal print tights. And she knows how to caution me when an exercise might hurt my knee. She can "second verse, same as the first" with the best of them. We both struggle to shake our very very white booties in Turbo Kick. And I've known her since kindergarten! It's ideal! Yep, my friend from the good old days, Regan, is now my new workout partner. She lives about 30 minutes away and she makes the journey to me on Wednesdays for the gym and now I'm joining her on Saturday mornings at her gym. It's completely bizarre to be working out and to look to my side and see someone I used to do "suicides" with at basketball practice. But the best thing is that when I'm next to her, I don't have to worry about kicking anyone b/c if I kick her, I know she won't freak out on me!

And carrying on with fitness and "skinny" stuff, my office is thinking of taking part in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer at the end of May. It's intense, including walking either a 1/2 marathon or full marathon on Saturday and then doing another 1/2 marathon on Sunday. Since we're all women at the office, will all be affected by breast cancer at some point ... either ourselves or our loved ones, and since we all want to be in great shape, it sounds like this might actually happen! My shins already hurt just thinking about walking that much. This is definitely going to be a "ganbatte" day for all of us if we decide to go forward.

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Carly said...

Last weekend there was a sign at our Starbuck's advertising how to order a "skinny latte" (seriously). From what I remember, you should say "skinny latte, no sugar" to get the fake syrup and "skinny latte" to get the orgincal. Or maybe our Starbuck's is breaking the code to make sure people get what they want. Scandal.