Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I just committed myself to raising $1800 for breast cancer research... And to walk a marathon and a half in two days. I'm going to need some support.

Here's my page.

I don't want to beg for money. However, I do need to raise this amount of money in order to walk, which seems like a tremendously lofty goal at this stage. In fact, I'm shaking a bit.

I am very excited about the opportunity to walk for such a great cause with fantastic and strong women. At work, we are working on getting a team person is definitely joining me. However, we still have to raise $1800 per person.

I'd love to reach my fundraising goal by the end of March so I can start focusing on the whole shin splints aspect of the training. Thank you so much if you feel like this is a worthy cause to donate to. And spread the word!

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Carly said...

Good luck! If you walk it in 594 days, I'll donate $5 for every uncompleted task on my 101 List... but I have a feeling you won't be training for over a year. Send me some info :)